Health Myths And Facts | Can Fasting Be Effective For Weight Loss? See What Experts Say

Weight reduction is a typical objective that many people are desperately pursuing. The explanations for reaching a super physique kind can differ: it may be a continuing need to be in form, or it may be a necessity to realize so as to stay wholesome.  Regardless of the motive, now we have all struggled with weight points sooner or later in our lives. Are you able to recall the very first thing that got here to thoughts as one thing that might make it easier to drop some weight? It may have been ‘fasting’ for many of us. Now, are you able to bear in mind the way you adopted ‘fasting’ (in what methods did you maintain your self quick)? Most of us imagine that ravenous ourselves or consuming much less will assist us drop some weight, however this isn’t the case.

There are quite a few concerns to be made whereas fasting. Individuals have misunderstood fasting, and there are a number of myths surrounding this idea. On this article, we convey you consultants who will debunk myths in regards to the idea of “fasting.” 


Breakfast is crucial meal of the day, in response to widespread perception. Individuals usually imagine that skipping breakfast causes binge consuming, cravings, and weight acquire. Dr Bhavana Diyora, Preventive Well being, and Wellness Specialist, GALF, advised ABP Stay that fasting might be probably the most efficient weight-loss methods if carried out appropriately.

She additionally acknowledged that fasting for well being doesn’t indicate skipping meals, significantly breakfast, which is considered crucial meal of the day. Additionally it is crucial to make sure that ample diet is consumed throughout fasting intervals, she added. Skipping meals may end up in nutrient deficiencies, which might have critical well being penalties.

She mentioned: “Skipping breakfast can have destructive results on general well being and will not essentially result in weight reduction. Breakfast is taken into account an vital meal of the day because it supplies important vitamins and power to gas the physique all through the day together with the flexibility to pay attention higher at work. It will probably additionally result in a slower metabolism, decreased power ranges, and an elevated threat of overeating later within the day”. 

Breakfast Truly Helps To Cut back Weight, Here is What Skilled Says:

A nutritious meal additionally stimulates the circadian rhythm, or organic clock, in your physique. Dr Bhavana mentioned: “The physique requires gas or power within the morning in order that it may perform at its greatest in the course of the day and subsequently transition into relaxation and digestion mode within the night. It signifies that one can select a nutritious and balanced breakfast and scale back calorie consumption at dinner to create a calorie deficit and enhance digestion and metabolism so as to obtain wholesome weight reduction”. 

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Fasting will increase the secretion of human development hormone, which slows the ageing course of. Human development hormone, or HGH, is of course produced by the physique however solely lasts a couple of minutes within the bloodstream. It has been used efficiently to deal with weight problems and to assist construct muscle mass, which is important for fats loss.

In a dialog with ABP Stay, Arpita Bose Jain, Premium Coach at MyHealthBuddy, acknowledged that whereas fasting strategies have a number of advantages when carried out for a shorter time frame, if you severely restrict energy, particularly for an prolonged time frame, your physique senses this lack of gas and slows down its functioning to preserve power. 

“As an alternative of accelerating your metabolism, you might expertise a 20% lower in your resting metabolic charge. Your resting metabolism is set by the power your physique expends to energy fundamental features corresponding to blood pumping and respiration. As a result of these actions are obligatory for survival, your physique merely turns into extra environment friendly and burns fewer energy to carry out them than it might when adequately fed. Consequently, if not carried out appropriately, fasting could cause extra hurt than good,” Arpita mentioned. 

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Fasting is protected for many individuals, however it’s not for everybody. When you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, skipping meals will not be the easiest way to handle your weight. When you have kidney stones, gastroesophageal reflux, diabetes, or another medical situation, seek the advice of your physician earlier than starting any sort of fasting.

In line with Dr Ajay Aggarwal, Director of Inside Drugs at Fortis Hospital in Noida, “Lately, now we have seen lots of people attempting out intermittent fasting as a way of weight reduction. There has additionally been loads of analysis carried out on the topic. Such fasting, nevertheless, just isn’t for everybody”.

Who Ought to Not Practise Fasting? Here is What Skilled Says: 

Calorie restriction is dangerous to youngsters and adolescents as a result of they’re rising and require correct diet to assist general improvement. Girls who’re pregnant or breastfeeding require further diet, so calorie restriction within the type of fasting just isn’t suggested, Dr Ajay Aggarwal advised ABP Stay. 

He additional mentioned: “Fasting can be not advisable for the aged who’re diabetics and take diabetes medicines, as taking hypoglycemic brokers with out a correct food plan may end up in harmful hypoglycemia. Aside from the aged, folks with low blood sugar ranges ought to keep away from fasting as a result of it may trigger additional drops in sugar ranges and even dizziness and falls. Low blood sugar ranges may trigger a rise in stress hormones corresponding to serum cortisol, which might disrupt thyroid hormone perform and set off autoimmune circumstances”.

Due to this fact sufferers with hormonal points like Diabetes, PCOD, and thyroid issues ought to seek the advice of a health care provider earlier than beginning intermittent fasting, Dr Aggarwal added additional. 

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Consuming extra continuously has no impact on weight reduction as a result of it doesn’t improve your metabolism. Fasting, however, has been proven to spice up metabolism and enhance adaptability when carried out for brief intervals of time, as within the case of most intermittent fasting plans corresponding to 16:8. 

“Fasting for even quick intervals of time can improve your metabolic flexibility, which is your capacity to modify between burning sugar and burning fats,” mentioned Dr Gautam Bhansali, Marketing consultant Doctor, Bombay Hospital, Member of Clirnet Group (Creators of DocTube), citing a College of Alabama examine that discovered individuals who merely restricted their consuming to the hours between 8 am and a couple of pm grew to become extra metabolically versatile. “That is vital as a result of if you’re metabolically versatile, you do not ‘crash and burn’ if you go a very long time between meals,” Dr Bhansali added. 

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The concept is that in case you cease consuming or eat insufficiently, your physique will do every thing it may to preserve power, together with retaining the load you are attempting to lose. Whereas it is vital to keep away from crash weight-reduction plan and extreme restriction, it seems that “hunger mode” might be not the explanation your weight reduction efforts have stalled, except you are severely malnourished.  

Though there is no such thing as a particular caloric threshold or time for the physique to enter hunger mode, it’s believed that it takes greater than a day with out meals.  Quick-term fasting is unlikely to place your physique into hunger mode. 

Dr Gautam Bhansali, whereas speaking to ABP Stay, mentioned that long-term fasting places the physique into hunger mode. It additionally makes the physique weak and reduces the particular person’s immunity. This, in flip, make the people extra susceptible to infections, he added. 

Whereas long-term fasting has potential advantages corresponding to elevated weight reduction, enhanced autophagy, and persistently secure blood sugar and insulin ranges, it additionally has potential drawbacks corresponding to muscle loss and a drop in metabolism.

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